Bathrooms 17 April, 2023

How Much To Fit A Bathroom

If your bathroom suite is looking run down and tired, it might be time for a refresh. Fitting a new bathroom in your home is not only great for you, but it could also help increase the value of your home if you choose to sell. If you're tired of your current bathroom, you might be wondering how much does it cost to replace and renew a bathroom?

The costs will vary depending on a number of factors related to your bathroom renovation. The overall bathroom cost can certainly be kept down by simply shopping around and being willing to get your hands dirty with the installation.

Bathrooms are often the first thing that people want to renovate when they move into a new home, so if yours has been recently refreshed, you could save potential buyers time and money by updating your bathroom suite.

The cost of fitting a new bathroom suite will vary depending on a number of factors. Your choice of bathroom fixtures and fitting costs will ultimately determine the overall cost.

And if you choose to DIY your bathroom renovation or bring in the experts to do it for you will also add to the costs. And finally, the cost of removing your old bathroom suite is another factor you'll need to consider.

New Bathroom Installation Costs: Save Money in 2023

If you're thinking about a bathroom renovation in 2023, there are a few things you can do to save money. With the cost of living crisis showing no signs of ending soon, every penny you can save on your bathroom installation costs will help. Here are some typical bathroom installation costs you can expect to pay in 2023 and beyond.

Remember that bathroom renovations can be as cheap or expensive as you like. But your time is worth money too. In order to find the best deals, you're going to need to be flexible and shop around. For some people, it's worthwhile hiring bathroom installers that can take care of everything as their time would be better spent on other things.

Installing a new bathroom suite

A bathroom suite will typically include a bath, sink and toilet. It could also include a separate shower enclosure and other features such as a heated towel rail and LED lighting. The cost of installing a new bathroom suite will depend on the size of your room, fixtures chosen and how much work needs to be done in order to fit it all in. Expect to pay between £1,000 and £5,000 for an average-sized bathroom suite installation.

Installing a new shower enclosure

If you're not looking to replace the entire bathroom suite, then opting for a new shower enclosure could be the perfect option. The cost of installing a shower enclosure will depend on its size and quality, as well as the costs of labour and materials.

Expect to pay anywhere between £500 and £2,000 for a full installation. The quality of the fixtures will be the biggest factor in determining the cost. And if you have the change the configuration of your bathroom, this will be another determining factor.

Installing an electric shower

An electric shower can be a popular alternative to a shower that runs from a hot water tank or combi boiler. It will allow you to enjoy hot water on demand, which can drive down energy bills and avoid waste. However, this step will require electrical work, which will need to be added to the overall cost. You will need to make sure all electrical work is carried out safely.

Installing a new vanity unit or pedestal basin

A new vanity unit or pedestal basin will also add to the overall bathroom cost. Expect to pay between £200 and £400 for a small vanity unit or pedestal basin, depending on its quality and design. The price could go up to around £1,000 if you opt for a larger model with multiple compartments or a luxury and high-end model.

Installing underfloor heating

Cost of Underfloor heating is a great way to keep your bathroom warm and cosy. It's also a popular choice for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their bathrooms. The cost of installing underfloor heating will depend on the size of your room and the type and quality of the system you choose. Expect to pay between £25-£90 per square metre.

Heated towel rail installation costs

A cheaper option than underfloor heating would be a heated towel rail. Installing a heated towel rail is relatively straightforward and will cost much less than installing underfloor heating.

The average cost of installation is between £50-£150, depending on the type and quality of the towel rail you choose. While it is possible to install a heated towel rail yourself, you need to make sure the electrical work is completed properly to ensure it is safe.

Installing additional luxuries

If you're looking to really add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, then there are a number of additional features that you can install. These could include heated mirrors, backlit mirrors, and wall-mounted televisions. The cost for these features will depend on the complexity of the installation and the quality of the products used.

Replacing your bathroom tiles

Finally, if you're looking to give your bathroom a fresh look, then replacing your old tiles is also an option. Again, the costs will depend on the type and quality of tiles you choose. Expect to pay between £150-£500 for basic ceramic wall tiles and up to £1,000 for luxury porcelain or natural stone.

Opting to partially tile your bathroom is an effective way to keep costs down, however, this could leave your walls vulnerable to water damage so it's important to be strategic about where you put your tiles. To make things cheaper, you could use a high-quality lino on the floor that mimics the look of floor tiles. This will be far cheaper per square metre.

Bathroom removal costs

Another cost that you cannot avoid is the cost of clearing away the previous fittings and fixtures, as well as any rubbish that is left behind. This is usually charged at an hourly rate and if you are lucky you may be able to find someone willing to do it for free. If you are paying bathroom fitters for installation, the company may include rubbish removal in the price. Alternatively, you can hire a skip or contact your local council collection service. If you only have one or two large items to collect, you might be able to arrange a council collection.

Now we know the costs of the different components, there are a few things that could make your bathroom installation more or less expensive. These include:

Existing bathroom layout

If you are happy with the existing layout, installing a new bathroom suite will be much easier. This, in turn, will make the installation much cheaper. Replacing your bath, sink and toilet like-for-like will help to keep costs down. However, if you are changing the layout of your bathroom or want to move the bathroom to another room, then this will incur additional costs. It's also less likely that you would be able to achieve this as a DIY project.

Size of bathroom suite

The size of the bathroom will also have a big impact on the overall cost. This is mainly down to aspects such as the wall and floor tiling and finishing touches. With tiles, you'll pay per square metre, so this will cost more if you have a larger space to fill. If you have to purchase a separate shower cubicle alongside a bath and install these separately, this will cost much more than a shower over a bath.

Quality of fixtures and fittings

Finally, the cost of your bathroom installation will depend on the quality of fixtures and fittings that you choose. Luxury bathroom items such as heated towel rails, wall-mounted televisions and backlit mirrors are all likely to increase the overall cost. However, if these features are important to you then it is worth investing in high-end fixtures that will last a long time. A luxury bathroom can also increase he value of your property.

If you're planning to rent out your property, it also makes sense to invest in durable and hardwearing fixtures and fittings as this will reduce the chances you need to replace them more frequently.

Timeline for the project

As with anything in life, it will cost more if you want it completed quickly. The time it takes to complete a bathroom installation will depend on the complexity of the project and how many tradespeople are involved.

If you want your new bathroom installed in less than a week, then you should expect to pay more due to the increased demand for labour. If you can be more flexible in your approach, bathroom fitters may be able to offer a better price on labour costs.

For example, one person might be able to complete bathroom refurbishment in 10 days, while it would take two bathroom fitters if you want it completed more quickly. Don't forget to factor in the cost of your bathroom fitter if you aren't planning to go down the DIY route.

Bathroom installation costs can vary by location

The final factor to consider is your location. Depending on where you live, the costs of labour and materials may be higher or lower. If you live in a city with high demand for tradespeople, then this could increase the cost of your bathroom installation.

How to save money on the bathroom cost

There are simple ways to save money on bathroom costs without compromising on quality or style. It could mean shopping around for a better deal on your bathroom suite, or choosing to purchase your tiles from a different retailer to make the most of deals and offers.

Choosing to install your own bathroom is one of the best ways to keep bathroom costs down. If you have a small bathroom and aren't making any big changes to the layout, there should be no reason you can take care of the new bathroom installation yourself.

Another excellent way to save money on your bathroom is to be flexible in your timing. Sign up for price alerts from big bathroom retailers so you'll be the first to know when your preferred styles are available.

If you aren't confident going down the DIY route for everything in your bathroom renovation project, there are still ways you can keep the cost of fitting a bathroom down. You could take on some of the easier tasks such as flooring and tiling yourself, which will leave your bathroom fitter free to focus on the bigger tasks like installing your shower.

You can also be flexible in your tastes. If you are more flexible about the type of bathroom your are looking for – either traditional or modern – the you are far more likely to be able to secure a good deal on the overall bathroom cost.

If you are hoping to add to the value of your property because you are planning to sell, your new bathroom needs to be carefully planned. Potential buyers will be more interested in a blank canvas than a new bathroom that is very tailored to your style. If you aren't confident you can add to the value and are planning to tell up soon, you might be better leaving the old bathroom in place.

Closing thoughts

In conclusion, it is important to consider all the factors that impact bathroom installation costs before starting any project. Taking into account existing layout and what you hope to achieve with the renovation. Are you looking for an update and refresh of the style, or are you hoping to make the space more functional with a new bathroom layout.

While you might be able to DIY lots of things, there are some bathroom fitting costs that cannot be avoided, such as the old bathroom removal cost. If you are hiring bathroom fitters and expert plumbers in Birmingham to do the work for you, there is a good chance they will include old bathroom removal in the cost.