Potterton Installer

An extended warranty of 7 years makes this boiler a firm favourite with homeowners

As a Potterton installer, 2nd City Gas, Plumbing & Heating Ltd can provide expert advice on a range of quality and efficient boilers to suit your home’s needs at an affordable and quick-service installation.

With a choice of outputs and warranties, Potterton combi and integrated system boilers are compact and lightweight for ease and affordability.

Manufactured in the UK, Potterton boilers are ideally suited to newbuild and social housing properties with easy installation and simple servicing requirements making them the perfect choice for low-maintenance homes.

The Benefits of a Potterton Boiler

Potterton boilers benefit from an outstanding SAP rating, genuine Baxi manufactured parts and spares, and have a range of flexible sitting flues. A boiler design service is available for new developments and all boilers are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust.

The Potterton Assure Heat is the lightest boiler on the UK market (correct at time of publishing) making it an excellent choice for old boiler replacements.

If you need the services of a Potterton installer, give the 2nd City Gas, Plumbing & Heating Ltd team a call on 0800 587 3136 to ask any questions and secure a free quotation.