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An obstructed toilet or sink can impede your daily routine and many households will require an emergency unblocking service from a professional plumber.

2nd City Gas, Plumbing and Heating have helped Birmingham homeowners and commercial businesses for over 35 years by offering a 24-hour emergency call-out service to diagnose and tackle the problem. Using high-pressure jet drain unblocking equipment, CCTV drainage inspections and the full cleaning and relining of pipes and drains, your bathroom will be in tip-top working order once again.

With no extra charge for emergencies, trust in our professional engineers to locate and remove all foreign bodies, and carry out any necessary repair work.

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  • Came out very quickly to solve an outside drainage leak.


    Jul 4,2023

  • Absolutely brilliant!

    Matteo Kadin

    Jul 6,2023

  • the company to be very prompt professional and efficient would highly recommend to others.


    Jul 8,2023

  • excellent for addressing the leak right away. Definitely, I'd advise employing this business.

    Brianna Cooke

    Jul 9,2023

  • Great work from James. Efficient and really nice bloke.

    Paul Neale

    Jul 10,2023

  • They were superb. Polite, courteous, professional and extremely hard working.

    Karley Pierre

    Jul 11,2023

  • very prompt professional and efficient would highly recommend to others.

    Misael Sammie

    Jul 11,2023

  • James, you are a nice, trustworthy, and courteous plumber.

    Lisa Patel

    Jul 4,2023

  • Professional service throughout, from James' initial site assessment and estimate to Adam Y's installation with Mitchell's assistance.


    Jul 4,2023

  • Absolutely brilliant! Adam and Mitchell replaced our old boiler with a new combi boiler and removed existing water tanks. They were superb. Polite, courteous, professional and extremely hard working. We could be happier with the service. Thank you!

    Sharon Hackett

    Jun 4,2023

Overflowing Sinks and Toilets

A fully functioning bathroom is necessity for modern living, but when that unfortunate problem of a clogged pipe or blockage in the system arrives, it’s time for immediate action.

An overflowing sink and toilet is usually caused by a blockage preventing efficient flow, resulting in the back up of water. Common causes can also include septic tank problems, sewage backups, faulty plumbing or low-flow toilet systems. A professional plumber will diagnose the problem and remove the blockage or attend to any repair work needed.

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How to Unblock a Toilet

A toilet blockage can be caused by a number of factors including the accidental flushing of anything other than toilet paper and human waste.

Unclogging a toilet can be a messy job and inspection will be required to determine the blockage cause and its location within the drainage system – the toilet trap, u-bend, flapper or vent, or the sewer pipe. Whilst several DIY methods could work to unblock a toilet, such as using a plunger, hot water, baking soda and other household products, we would always recommend consulting a professional.

How to Unblock a SINK

Common causes of sink snarl-ups are excess dirt, soap, hair, food waste or mineral build-up. The accumulation of excess material prevents the water from passing efficiently and the blockage will need to be removed or moved on. A professional plumber will locate the problem and implement effective measures to eliminate the problem.

2nd City Gas, Plumbing and Heating offer quick and competitive service for the toilet and sink unblocking to get your family bathroom and kitchen performing smell-free and obstruction-free fast. Call the team today.

Plumbing Emergencies

There's no need to panic if you're faced with an emergency, our qualified team of Walsall plumbers and heating engineers will reach your home quickly and professionally. Learn more about our emergency plumbing services and gas services with us.