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How Long Does It Take To Fit A Boiler

If the time has come to replace your boiler, you might be wondering how long does it take. After all, you'll be without hot water and central heating during this time, so it make sense to be informed about boiler installation times before you agree to fit a new boiler.

In this guide, we'll explore the process of getting a boiler installed and what factors will influence the time it takes to install a new boiler. Remember that boiler replacement and boiler installation can be two very different processes, so it's important to make fair comparisons. A like for like swap will be much quicker than installing a brand new central heating system, for example.

How Long Does It Take To Fit A New Boiler?

Assuming there are no complications, it typically takes around 4-6 hours to have a new boiler installed. Boiler installation can be a straightforward process, provided you are replacing your old boiler with a new boiler, and not changing the boiler type. Switching a system boiler for a combi boiler, for example, will be a longer process.

Your boiler installation should always be managed by a Gas Safe registered engineer such as 2nd City Heating & Plumbing in Birmingham to ensure the work is completed safely and to the correct standards. The process shouldn't be rushed, as this could result in an unsafe installation that might even void your manufacturer warranty. You cannot install a boiler on your own. Gas Safe regulations mean that this must be managed by a professional.

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What Does A Boiler Installation Involve?

If you are having a like for like swap, and the boiler replacement is going to be in the same location, or even just the same room, then the process of installing your new boiler will be much simpler. To do this, your engineer will start by switching off the water, power and gas supply pipes. Next, they will detach the boiler from the pipes and remove it from the wall. Once removed, they will install the new boiler and attach the pipes and pumps as required. They might need to

If you are switching to a new boiler system, for example, switching a system boiler for a combi boiler, then your engineer will also need to remove the water storage tanks. This can save a lot of space in your home and give you access to more cupboard space. Boiler installations vary depending on the type of boiler to be removed and the type of boiler to be installed.

How Long Does It Take To Install A New Combi Boiler?

Installing a new combi boiler is a popular choice as it can save space in your home while also offering an energy efficient way to heat your home and provide hot water on demand.

If you already have a combi boiler installed and simply want a replacement boiler, then the installation process will be much simpler. It should take around four hours to replace your boiler.

If you have a different boiler in a different location, then the process of switching to a combi boiler will be slightly different. You might need new pipework, as the existing pipework will be in the wrong place.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Boiler?

The time it takes to replace your current boiler system and current heating system will all depend on the existing system. In general, it should take less than a day, and could take as little as a few hours if the replacement is straightforward.

There are additional steps you might need to take in order to finish the installation. For example, if you are moving your boiler out of an airing cupboard and moving it into your kitchen, then you might want to refinish the inside of your airing cupboard to make it a functional storage space again. There may be access points in the floor and ceiling for pipes which will need to be blocked.

Variables That Can Affect The Time It Takes To Install A New Boiler And Central Heating System

There are many different factors that will influence how long it takes to replace a boiler. This includes:

  • The boiler location. If the location is easy to access, then the replacement will be simple enough. If you're moving it to a new location, then expect it to take longer as new pipes will be required.
  • The boiler type. A combi boiler can be more complex to install due to it not having a storage tank, so it is fed directly from the mains water supply. However, a combi boiler has a smaller footprint and takes up less space, so it can be quicker to install.
  • Smart controls. If you need a smart thermostat installation, then this can add to the overall installation time. Likewise if you are changing your heating system. For example, replacing radiators with an underfloor heating system will take much longer.
  • Access to the property. It's not uncommon for boiler replacements to be delayed because of issues gaining access to the property. This is particularly true with tenanted properties. Your plumber will need to gain access in order to carry out the work.

What If There Are Issues After Installation?

Boilers commonly face issues after installation which can be very frustrating for homeowners. You expect the installation to be smooth and uneventful, so when your boiler quickly develops faults after installation, this can be a great source of stress.

When you consider that a boiler has water, gas and electrical connections, it's no wonder that there are often issues that arise after installation. This can include loose connections, leaks and problems with pressure.

Connecting a new boiler to an old central heating system can also cause problems. These can often be fixed with a power flush. This process will help to improve circulation and allow your system upgrade to work more efficiently. Power flushing can also help to bring down your utility bills by helping your boiler to work more efficiently.


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