Boiler Repair Service in Kidderminster

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Boiler Repair Service in Kidderminster  

When your boiler breaks down you want action fast and with a 24-hour emergency helpline 2nd City Gas, Plumbing & Heating is ready to respond to urgent boiler issues to homes and businesses in Kidderminster.

Problems with gas appliance need to be taken seriously and if you are concerned about a leak from your boiler, our Gas Safe registered engineers and technicians will make sure you receive the very best help.

Whether you have a serious problem or a minor nagging issue with your boiler one of our engineers will be happy to visit your Kidderminster home to fix the problem.

While we will make every effort to repair your boiler, in the event of discovering a dangerous fault, or where a boiler has reached the end of its useful life, 2nd City Gas, Plumbing & Heating can advise you on the options or the best replacement boiler and arrange installation.

  • Radiators failing to heat up
  • Leaks or drips from a boiler
  • No heat or hot water being generated
  • Pilot light not remaining lit

If you are concerned that your boiler is not working properly, or may have developed a fault, contact us today.

  • very prompt professional and efficient would highly recommend to others.

    Misael Sammie

    Jul 11,2023

  • They were superb. Polite, courteous, professional and extremely hard working.

    Karley Pierre

    Jul 11,2023

  • Great work from James. Efficient and really nice bloke.

    Paul Neale

    Jul 10,2023

  • excellent for addressing the leak right away. Definitely, I'd advise employing this business.

    Brianna Cooke

    Jul 9,2023

  • the company to be very prompt professional and efficient would highly recommend to others.


    Jul 8,2023

  • Absolutely brilliant!

    Matteo Kadin

    Jul 6,2023

  • Came out very quickly to solve an outside drainage leak.


    Jul 4,2023

  • James, you are a nice, trustworthy, and courteous plumber.

    Lisa Patel

    Jul 4,2023

  • Professional service throughout, from James' initial site assessment and estimate to Adam Y's installation with Mitchell's assistance.


    Jul 4,2023

  • Very good service

    Cooley Moore

    Jul 3,2023

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Want to know more? We're here to help...

Broken Boilers in Kidderminster

Are you looking for help to repair a broken boiler in Kidderminster? 2nd City Gas, Plumbing & Heating offers a comprehensive boiler repair and installation service.

Our team of professional and highly skilled gas engineers will be able to diagnose and fix problems with your boiler that are stopping it working at full capacity.

Proud to offer a flexible, quality and competitively-priced service, we can resolve issues with a ‘broken boiler’ such as a failure to heat up the home, a lack of hot water, excess noise and inaccurate temperatures.

Supplying and installing leading brands of boilers, a Gas Safe registered engineer from out team will install a replacement as quickly as possible.

Areas we cover in Kidderminster

We provide plumbing, heating and gas services to all areas of Kidderminster and surrounding areas including Hartlebury, Wolverley, Blakedown, Drayton, Hagley, Belbroughton, Bewdley, Stourport.

Leaking Boilers in Kidderminster

Have you noticed water underneath your boiler? This is the first sign of a leaking boiler and needs quick action from a qualified gas engineer.

2nd City Gas, Plumbing & Heating provides boiler repair and installation services in Kidderminster and the West Midlands including repairing leaking boilers.

There are a number of reasons why your boiler may be leaking and they do not all spell the end of its useful life. Instead high pressure or a faulty seal or valve may be causing water to either drip or leak out of the boiler.

A 2ndCity Gas, Plumbing & Heating engineer will check the appliance thoroughly and carry out repairs, if possible, to the highest standards.

In the event that a leaking boiler is found to be beyond repair or dangerous we will advise you on the best action to take and as an installer of leading boiler brands we will be able to install a replacement boiler within quick turnaround to minimise disruption to your household.

If you think that your boiler is leaking get in touch with 2ndCity Gas, Plumbing & Heating for a swift and effective response.

Time for aa new bolier

When your boiler reaches the end of its lifespan, around 10-15 years depending on the manufacturer and model, it can often show signs such as strange noises, leaks, corrosion and higher energy bills.

Although a new boiler is an investment the reduction in running costs will soon cover your expense and the efficiency in quicker heat and hot water, plus cutting emissions is a high benefit.

Old boilers become unreliable and regular servicing may not always stay ontop of growing concerns.

Talk to the professional Gas Safe registered engineers at 2nd City Gas, Plumbing and Heating about the options and benefits of a new boiler and start to save money and improve the comfort of your home immediately.