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Insulate Your Home - Avoid the Chill

Come rain or shine; there are a few essentials we cannot do without – such as a clean water supply and adequate warmth in the winter. A poorly insulated home is an open invitation to the winter chill. Expecting scary figures on our utility bills, we hunt for the most efficient of the resources to keep us comfortable. Most people resort to traditional heating systems but with the advent of time, and advancement in technology, there are gas, central heating systems, boilers and various other inventions that serve the purpose with high efficiency.

How to keep yourself warm?

Even with a good heating system, here are a few tips on how you can keep your home warm and cosy even when the temperatures drop:

1) Close your curtains at night: The trick to trapping in the warmth that enters your home during the day is by closing your curtains and lowering your blinds soon after dusk to create an extra barrier and prevent heat loss.

2) Layer your walls: Unlike glass, solid bricks and stone walls act as better insulators. But the key to preventing heat loss through these walls is by layering the room with pictures, posters, cabinets or bookshelves. These additions not only add an aesthetic element to the interiors but also significantly reduce energy losses.

3) Cover your doors: Internal doors are often made with materials that don’t trap the heat inside the room. A thick lined curtain eliminates the heat loss through thin doors, and it further helps minimise heat loss.

4) Furniture placement: You can feel warmer in the house with a simple trick - place your furniture next to the internal walls rather than putting them right next to an external wall. The thermal energy in your home is concentrated closer to the inside of the house. Thus, furniture placement plays a vital role in how cold or warm you feel.

These are a few simple ways in which you can minimise your energy bills but keeping in mind the drastic weather shifts; it is imperative to install an efficient central heating system or a fireplace that will help you brave the weather without all the hassle.

Reliable Central Heating and Boilers

2nd City Gas is a company that caters to all of your heating, drainage and plumbing needs under one roof. Be sure to reap the benefits of energy efficient heating solutions that will reduce your annual energy bills by up to 40%.

Looking after for your pipes during the winter season is as important as keeping your home insulated. Our versatile range of services will make life easier for you. Gain control over the inevitable weather by engaging our expert Gas Safe registered heating engineers and expert plumbers.

Your comfort and safety is our top priority. Our services include installation as well as emergency repairs and regular maintenance to keep you free of worries. If you’d like to consult us about upgrading your heating system or would like more information on our services, call us on 0800 587 3136 any time of the day.

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